Sunday, May 17, 2009

This week has been another busy one. Adam's hours continue to be long and daunting. We haven't exactly found a balance yet - but we are managing. Carving out time for family is a challenge, but something we continually work on perfecting. By far, the happiest moment in my day is seeing Adam walk through the door. Well, actually - it's when I get the text that he's on his way and then about 40 minutes later I hear the garage door opening - THEN he walks through the door. :-)

It sounds like his schedule will not free up at all for the next year and a half. Between monthly training, work-ups in the fall, and then deployment next year - he is booked solid.

At home the kids and I are pushing for the school year to finish up. Only 20 some days remaining and Bryna will be a free (young) woman! Hah! 

Now that we've finished up 3 months of hosting, it seems as though our summer schedule has filled over night. We are looking forward to the 9th Comm Battalion picnic, beach bonfires, swimming, and the culminating event - a trip home to the midwest! 

I can't believe how quickly the time goes. So much has happened in 2008/09 that it's a little crazy to take it all in. Anyway, I'm beginning to realized that things don't slow down. There is no "finish line." Instead, I'm learning to enjoy the ride!! 


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